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On folding with Marie Kondo

As you would no doubt imagine, once you have discarded all the clothes that are harshing your buzz, or whatever, you now have to put them away, either in a closet, but preferably in a drawer. Kondo suggests that you "hang any clothes that look like they would be happier hung up, such as those made with soft materials that flutter in the breeze or highly tailored cuts, which protest at being folded."

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Open letter to authors of parenting articles

Dear esteemed authors of articles about parenting (self included):

Hi. Thank you for sharing the pearls of wisdom you have gleaned from the ocean of articles, studies, opinions, techniques, books, blogs, experiences, and so on and so forth.

Like you and many of our generation (who are trying to be perfect) I am a concerned, conscientious parent and I really REALLY want to do a good job. I take this responsibility of raising a human being very seriously. However, I fail and eff up all the time. And I feel like crap about it and I'm sure you do too.

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