Open letter to authors of parenting articles

Dear esteemed authors of articles about parenting (self included):

Hi. Thank you for sharing the pearls of wisdom you have gleaned from the ocean of articles, studies, opinions, techniques, books, blogs, experiences, and so on and so forth.

Like you and many of our generation (who are trying to be perfect) I am a concerned, conscientious parent and I really REALLY want to do a good job. I take this responsibility of raising a human being very seriously. However, I fail and eff up all the time. And I feel like crap about it and I'm sure you do too.

So while I appreciate all of the tips, strategies, etc. etc. etc. about parenting that you have put out there on this here Internet all the time, I am really tired of their tone. Which is to imply that I as a parent suck and am basically doing everything wrong and should cease parenting the way that I am parenting immediately lest this tiny human spirit be crushed and it be all my fault because I did[n't] do [insert technique here].

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't want to know what you have to say--I do! I am interested! I like to learn about parenting! (Otherwise I'd be kicking myself for choosing this profession...) But here is my request: STOP BURYING THE LEDE. Stop categorically and immediately and presumptively telling me I'm doing it wrong first (unless you hate it when people listen to you). Because when I feel shamed (and PLEASE HEAR ME, you are shaming parents when you write this way), I am not necessarily open to the idea of doing something differently; I'm too busy taking a ride in my shame spiral (whee!!!).

Instead: Try making your wonderful, helpful, interesting suggestion FIRST. Dig up that lede! Put it at the top! Tell me some cool stuff to try or think about! Because I'm listening! I want to know! I want to hear you! Help me to help you!

That is all. Thank you. The end.