Coming out of the baby bubble

How to start... Well? I have been busy and not in a writing kind of mood lately. Part of it is an occupational hazard--I'm an editor and it's been raining projects for me for some time. Not that I'm complaining--I like my work--but when the bulk of my non-mothering time is spent analyzing the meaning and grammar of complex text, the last thing I feel like doing in my other-other spare time is writing, about anything really, but maybe especially writing about parenting. Because if I'm not doing one vocationally, I'm doing the other avocationally; writing about it just seemed like too much of a good thing. (I know you were dying to know where I was.) Having this time away from personal writing and also E (I primarily stay home with her, but when I have more projects to do, we increase her time at daycare from one morning a week commensurate with the amount of work I have on my plate), has kind of reopened my world. I've been in the "baby bubble" for the past almost 2.5 years--on purpose. I intentionally have chosen to keep things small, quiet, and child-focused, so I could really concentrate on being present with E. Not that there aren't five bazillion ways of doing things, parenting being no exception, but knowing myself, keeping things small--for a v. sensitive person like youuurrrs truly--was the best thing to do. But now, it's like all of a sudden I remember that there are things! That I like to do! That make me happy! And engage me in a completely different way! And I need to make time to do them!