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Hello my fellow appreciator of beautiful things, stylishly functional spaces, and/or thoughtful parenting!


I'm Amelia McGee. I make art, organize functional and stylish spaces, and support parents to raise their kids with intentionality.

In public health, there is a model called the "causal web," which helps researchers understand how disease plays out in a population. It's the big picture connections—the what-led-to-what-led-to-what that made something how it is.

I love to think about the causal web on the micro level—or, in short, what's up at your house. What are the connecting lines between your environment and everyone’s behaviors and beauty and-and-and? How do they all affect how you live? And how do you make the best of them, so they reinforce each other for the good of the household? That's where I come in!

  • Art: To make a space look nice/feel like home for all who live there, it helps to have an eye for beauty and aesthetics.

  • Parent education: To make a space sustainably functional, it helps to understand human tendencies, like temperament. You also have to be clear on the rules and norms of the household AND get everyone on board.

  • Home organizing with a side of public health: To reinforce the rules and norms of your household, it helps to have your environment set up with systems, preferably ones that look nice and make you feel good in that space.

Here is the Venn Diagram of how this works:

This is basically what my brain looks like. Well, add in some kale and some Parks & Rec trivia, and you've pretty much nailed it.


Functional Home Styling

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Making low-effort, high-impact transformations

Home organizer. Systemic home organizer. Strategic home organizer. These are just a few of the ways I have been trying to describe what it is I do, but none of them quiiiite fit as precisely as I liked. So now I'm floating "Functional Home Stylist."

What I do as a functional home stylist: I make your space beautiful, ordered, functional, and ergonomic to your temperament/workstyle/preferences, using mostly the raw materials in your home. Think, "easy, affordable home makeover you can do in a few hours on a Saturday, but changes the way you live in your home." Think, "that friend you have who comes over and moves your furniture around for funsies, but makes your living room look twice as big and way better, and now your family actually hangs out in it instead of it being a pass-through room."

It's low-effort, high-impact transformation.

I solve problems like:

  • Your home layout feels awkward but you don't know why
  • Certain areas of your home drive you crazy and you don't know how to fix them
  • There are things you are LITERALLY bumping up against
  • You feel like you’re always cleaning up yet still find piles of things in the same spots
  • You and your partner have opposite inclinations about how to keep house
  • You have an idea of how you want to be living but don’t know how get there

What I don't do as a functional home stylist: I don't sort sock drawers. Except my own and occasionally my kid's when I. Just. Can't. Stand. It. Anymore. Sorrynotsorry.

Want to learn more about functional home styling?

Do you know Amelia McGee? Do you know that she can help you to reorganize your home in under 2 hours so that it looks better, feels better and *functions* better? AND ALL OVER THE PHONE, via Skype Video?! It’s amazeballs. I thought I needed a bunch of new furniture to make our living area work better. Turns out I was wrong. I just needed her to tell me what should go where. If you know her, it won’t surprise you that she does this with an effortless flair and loving guidance. She’s officially The Best. Thanks, girl!
— Diana


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Organizing the mismatched into cohesion

I am a self-identified "art-school dropout" who came back around to art after a 15-year break. In between, I lived overseas, earned an advanced degree in public health, worked in communications, had a child, and became a home organizer/stylist and a parent educator.

My inner critic would describe my art style as "Unitarian-church chic," but my prefrontal cortex would say that I love to organize wild, mismatched pieces into something that makes you instinctively feel right. As for photography, I learned how to frame a shot and develop photos in the darkroom at the tender age of 6. I come from a long line of hobbyist photographers, whose well-composed, now-vintage images I have been reworking in myriad ways (as you will see if you wander around this here website). Additionally, I was a subscriber to World Magazine as a child and loved the abstract photos on the back—I am pleased when I take a close-up, abstracted photo of something and someone asks me, "What is that?"

Want to see more of my art and/or buy it?


Parent coaching

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Parenting the kid you have as the person you are

Because I love Venn diagrams, and because this is pretty much what I tell parents, bottom line, I present you with (dah-tah-dah-daaaahh!): Parenting Literature Literacy.


Figure this stuff out, and voila! there is your parenting strategy. But if you need help figuring those things out, I am here for you.

Want some help figuring out your parenting strategy?


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