Quiet time is the new nap

We are closing in on the third birthday and now find ourselves in that weird space of will-she/won't-she nap. It's been my experience with all other nap-drops that The End is Nigh when I have to work to get her down. When a nap is still part of the Golden Age of Sleep, it happens without much input from me, but the more rocking/bouncing/dancing/etc. I have to do, the sooner I have to throw it a going-away party. A day with no nap is a long day for the parent and for the child. However, in lieu of naps, we are having an hour or so of "quiet time." This involves E in her room, in her crib, lights off, curtains drawn, noise machine on (all the trappings of sleep, should she feel so inspired). She used to have books, but I think the Seattle Public Library would thank us not to do that anymore, given her propensity for seeing what happens when she tears the pages (many a Franken-book have I guiltily returned to the library; I should seek a second career as a book surgeon). Now she just has her "guys"--a motley crew of animal friends who engage in various adventures with her during this time. She talks to them and sings and basically processes her day; it's actually pretty entertaining to listen to.

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