Sleep training: One of many ways to get there

Let me start by saying that infant/toddler sleep is a minefield—in many ways. Sleep unto itself is one, how you get said infant/toddler there is another. Your child’s sleep has the power to make or break your day—a good night’s sleep + long nap = A Good Day. Waking every–hour nights + one sleep–cycle naps = Feeling Like You Want to Chew Your Arm off in Frustration Day. How and where your child sleeps is a Political Topic. Co-sleep, crib sleep, cry-it-out, etc., I believe that everyone should do what works for their family. Thus, I want to make it plain that is post is not meant to Tell You What to Do or That I’m Judging You if You Don’t Do Like I Do. Rather, I just wanted to share our sleep story, in the event that it could be helpful..