Artist's statement

My artwork plays with the concept of iteration. As a former copy editor, I find the concept of editing—working to make something more precise—to be a universal framework. I love precision, delighting in words, images, tastes, and so on that convey the essence of their intent. I appreciate that precision can be an iterative process—adding / shedding / reorganizing until a thing is “just so” takes time and practice, and sometimes you are in the weeds until the core of the thing becomes clear.

 I am reminded of how to find this visual equilibrium by looking at nature and the imperfect geometry found therein. In the repetition of an organic pattern, there is a wide range of extrapolation on any shape, yet all hang together in one gorgeous composition. This dovetails with my love for abstract art, with its paradoxical confined wildness, organized into something that makes you instinctively feel right. Like nature, abstract art can be wild and uneven, yet wholly cohesive.