I work with parents of young children (toddler through elementary school) to address and improve challenging areas, including but not limited to:

  • getting organized to better manage family logistics, resulting in less stress and less nagging

  • implementing discipline strategies that fit your family (Positive Discipline, Love&Logic, to name a few)

  • understanding your child's temperament and how that affects their behavior

  • limiting screen time and learning about media literacy

  • getting clear on your parenting values and being deliberate about your family culture

Please note that you don’t have to be local to work with me—I coach over the phone or via Skype.

This process helped me to feel less lost as a new mother, more forgiving of myself for my shortcomings and empowered to co-create a family dynamic that enables all members of my family to thrive. It’s so reassuring to hear another mother tell you that what you’re experiencing is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL.
— Golriz
I loved knowing that each week I was going to have a whole hour with a compassionate, intelligent listener. I loved feeling confident that I would be supported, yet challenged. The support felt genuine, because you continued to push me to search for answers to tough questions.
— Dana

Services and products


Free 10-minute consultation

I provide a free 10-minute phone consultation where you briefly describe your situation and what you would like to get out of coaching. We get to know each other and decide whether we are a good fit.


1-hour parenting strategy session

I consult with you on various challenges you are having and brainstorm with you ways to address them. You receive a written plan of action following our discussion.

Cost: $65/hr


"Babies do not understand irony" ironic t-shirt

Ironic t-shirts are all the rage, even for those who can't yet read (let alone understand irony). With this meta-ironic getup, you'll be the hippest parent with the hippest baby on the block!

checklist for pp visitors.jpg

"Chores for helpful visitors" dry erase checklist for postpartum visitors

New baby in the house? Lots of visitors hanging around NOT getting the hint that your dog needs a walk/you could use a coffee/there's a lot of stinky laundry that's not going to do itself? Let this chore list drop the hints for you! No longer will your in-laws sit around the house watching "Law & Order" reruns! They'll be stocking your freezer with meals and cleaning your bathroom in no time—without YOU having to say a word!

"This checklist was perfect for such a chaotic time! It gave us all the structure that we needed." -Kara